"I am so very glad I have taken this step. It is by far the best way to go. I have tried before but this is different. THIS WORKS! Thank you. " *

Lyndon Roberts, Reservoir

"Well it's been nearly a year since I stopped smoking, and not for one second have I looked back. I still had my last pack of smokes sitting in the cupboard at home for a few months after the hypnosis, and I would still go out "for a smoke" for a couple of weeks after my session (the smoke never came out of the packet). I must admit I'm now a proud non-smoker thanks to hypnotherapy. I was a bit sceptical at first - because like a lot of others I didn't believe hypnosis would work. But hey, look at me today! If, like me, you've tried every quitting device under the sun - give this a try. It works." *

Thomas, Mill Park

"I'm 27 years old and had been a twenty a day smoker since
the age of 15. It is now three months since I've had one and I can
honestly say I'm done. There is no chance I will touch another

​I feel amazing. I'm not coughing like I was - which I know was from the smokes. Also, I just feel overall that I have more control of everything. It's hard to pinpoint why, though it is a good thing and I'm sure it is a result of the session with you.

Bottom line - hypnotherapy works. If someone has even a small desire to
quit smoking and they are willing to give a session with you a go, then
that's all that's needed.

It's such a simple method that really works and I'm very grateful for your service." *

Jason Pogorelec

"I am doing really well. It's almost been two weeks and I don't have any thoughts of a smoke. Thank you for this life changing experience." *

Sean Mackay, Kingsville

"Well I can't believe it, but yes I'm a non-smoker. I haven’t had a smoke and I feel fantastic. I never ever think about even wanting a smoke - it’s like I’ve never smoked before. It’s so hard to explain to people how different I feel. It’s truly a miracle, thank you so much." *

Cara Jupp, Kingsville

"I decided to wait a while before sending in my comments to ensure I would not lapse, although I was always fairly confident. Well it’s been nearly six months now and I’m still a non-smoker. I smoked for nearly twenty years, and I am truly amazed at how easy it has been to stay away from the smokes after just one session. Without a doubt the best money I have ever spent." *

Dale Spinks, Avondale Heights

* We make no claims on this website regarding specific outcomes. Results may vary from person to person. We do not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or ailment. We offer methods of restoring balance to your mind as a way of helping you succeed. A hypnotherapist cannot guarantee exact results any more than a medical doctor can guarantee exact outcomes from a surgical procedure or medication.